Trenchless Solutions

With decades of experience in no-dig and trenchless installations using vibratory ploughs and thrust moles, our ever increasing market share for Horizontal Directional Drilling assures we maintain our position as leaders in no-dig installations in the South West.

Using vibratory ploughing, we are able to direct lay pipe, cable or ducting with a maximum OD of 65mm, or pull product with a maximum OD of 90mm, up to a depth of 1000mm, depth maximum being dictated by on site geology.

Thrust moling uses compressed air to propel the mole in a straight line through soil and soft rock, with repeated hammering action from an internal piston.

This technique is used for laying pipe, duct or cable up to 160mm, using small launch and reception pits, in situations where an open cut solution is either undesirable or impracticle. Pipe ramming or bursting and the installation of small vertical foundation piles are also possible using this technique.

Horizontal Directional Drilling ,using surface and pit launch machines allows us to perform trenchless shots over 300+m from a centrally located launch pit, pulling pipe and ducts up to OD 1000mm. Boring through soft rock and non-reinforced concrete new connections can be made on grade, directly from the point of connection to any desired location. In suitable geological formations the bore is precisely guided within 5cm+/- accuracy, allowing us to follow bends in roads or avoid obstacles in order to hit targets. We can launch through any angle between 0-90 degrees vertically and at 360 degrees laterally on grade below or between any known utilities or infrastructure. Pit launch machine measures just 2100mm long by just 600mm wide , which keeps surface disturbance to an absolute minimum where excavation is required.

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