Sewage Engineering

Stenlakes lead the way with sewage engineering in the South West. We deliver turnkey installations and emergency solutions for storage, treatment, discharge, pumping, new mains connections or mains redirection, serving clients producing large volumes of industrial or commercial effluent, through to owners of small domestic property with normal volumes of household waste. Systems are suitable for local authority adoption as part of new housing developments, or for installation in public areas such as highways and parks.

We stock essential products for effluent and sewage treatment which include Treatment Plants; Pumping Stations; Septic Tanks; Pipe and Drainage products; Effluent Treatment Chemicals and Ultra Violet Water Treatment Systems, many of which can be used by your own installer.

We offer full service plans for our own and other contractor installations.

Septic Tanks and Cesspools

Septic tanks, the most basic form of “off mains” sewage treatment solution, collect discharge from single or multiple properties. Comprising two chambers, the first larger chamber allows collection and settlement of solids for bacterial digestion. Chamber two allows partially treated and largely solid free effluent to gather, before being piped to a soakaway where effluent breakdown continues.

Where soakaways are not viable or space is restricted, a cesspool can be installed, similar internally to a septic tank but without residual effluent discharge. As required, the cesspool is sealed and emptied by a licenced waste removal company for disposal at a registered site.

We offer full percolation testing and soakaway volume calculations.

Sewage treatment plant

Similar internally to a septic tank with a primary solids chamber and secondary discharge chamber, but has the addition of an aerobic digestion zone which provides aeration of fluids by rotating discs, or pumping over a honeycomb matrix. The aerobic process ensures that effluent discharged is suitable for disposal in streams, rivers or ditches, provided all discharge licence conditions are met.

We offer various large or small capacity, silent or near silent treatment solutions, with system and tank designs for site specific requirements. Design options also allow the supply of an internal pumping chamber to transfer effluent to a suitable discharge location when a gravity system is not viable.

Sewage pumping stations

Pumping stations are utilised for sites where location prohibits the use of a gravity system that allows for waste water, sewage or effluent to reach a primary mains sewer, treatment plant, septic tank or soakaway.
Using macerator pumps, pumping stations are able to pump treated effluent or whole waste from an original source to a suitable discharge or storage outlet.

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