Dirty Water Case Study

Slurry Lagoon Construction and Lining with Fail Safe Deep Drainage

With consideration to their expertise, Stenlakes were contracted to pre-advise, design and complete the construction of a lined slurry lagoon in an off-farm location, centralised for the spreading and application of slurry to the fields.

A cut and fill design was utilised to minimise extraction costs for the client, with a Firestone GeoGard™EPDM, a high-performing rubber liner and felt underlay chosen for the lining. The Firestone liner is the perfect product for agricultural uses as it can survive normal environmental exposure well in excess of 30 years. With its ability to elongate up to 300%, it will mould itself to conform to objects in the substrate and will also compensate for ground movement.

The initial construction of the lagoon progressed quickly,but a large volume of ground water was encountered 300mm from the designed pit depth. To combat this, a deep drainage system was devised to ensure no ground water was trapped beneath the liner. This system included a fail-safe to ensure that in the event of the liner’s integrity being compromised, the contaminated water would be isolated preventing its flow to the outlet, giving emergency repairs time to be completed.



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