Whatever your questions regarding clean water or waste water, we have the answers. Please read our FAQs below to find out more.

3 Questions regarding Clean Water:


Q1. I’m on a private water supply and selling my house but my water test has failed, what can I do?

  1. Stenlakes can offer a solution for just about any water supply issue. The detail of the water analysis result would be scrutinised to determine the level of treatment required.
  2. In the unlikely event your supply cannot be treated, we are able to discuss solutions, ranging from rain water harvesting to mains water connections, for an alternative water supply.

Q2. Which filter systems do you sell for iron and manganese reduction?

Greensand filters contain iron and have ion exchange properties, which allows the extraction and absorption of soluble iron and manganese, later converted to insoluble iron and manganese which builds within the filter. Filter deposits are removed by back washing, which should be performed regularly at intervals recommended by the manufacturer of the system installed.

Q3. There is bacteria in my water, what can you offer as a solution?

Stenlakes can offer a variety of systems for the treatment and removal of bacteria from your water source. The two most common forms of treatment are ultra violet exposure with pre filtration and reverse osmosis.


3 Questions regarding Waste Water:


Q1. Can you offer a survey regarding septic tank and/or treatment plant design and specifications?

Yes. Stenlakes can offer a full survey for existing and new proposed septic systems to meet your individual requirements.

Q2. What type/size of sewage pump station do I need?

This would depend on site and pumping requirement specifics. Stenlakes can offer a variety of options, from large and small pumping stations for domestic use to large industrial applications, with pumps able to move high volumes of low viscosity fluids and grinder pumps to process various solids and materials present in the fluid.

Q3. What type/size of dirty water pump and irrigator do I require?

Type and size would be based on your sites specific requirements, for example output volumes, outlet distance and elevations required to pump. A member of the Stenlakes team would be able calculate and construct a system to suit your individual needs.