Clean Water

Stenlakes Ltd takes pride in being able to provide an expansive range of turnkey solutions for clean water throughout South West England. With more than seven decades of experience, we are valued as experts in private water supply systems, boreholes, pumps and pump controls, leak detection and repair, industrial and agricultural wash-down systems and water treatment system solutions.

We engineer mains water backup systems and provide new mains water connections and pipelines; being able to conduct any necessary street works and chlorination prior to mains tapping, as appropriate.

We supply a complete range of water pumps and fully installed water pumping and distribution systems, which include pressure boosting pump sets and storage tanks, pioneering with the latest innovations in electronic control and pumping efficiency. For private water supplies, we work with new and existing bore holes, with the possibility of alternative solutions by stream, well, or spring water abstraction. In borehole construction, we work closely with experts in associated fields to ascertain the best location and feasibility for ground water extraction and source utilisation.

We offer a complete Rain Water Harvesting design and installation service for both domestic and industrial projects, intended to gain economic advantage and environmental credibility. We can also create and provide client specific bulk water storage solutions.

We supply a wide range of water filters and install and maintain a diverse variety of water filtration and water treatment systems, supporting disinfection, ultra violet sterilisation, iron, fluoride and manganese reduction, nitrate and sulphide removal and water acidity control by Ph correction.

We service and refurbish existing filtration and treatment systems, which includes leak detection and pipeline replacement.

We offer a reliable and prompt breakdown service for filtration and water treatment systems.

We work with independent laboratories to test and analyse water samples to ensure the quality of potable water, or to devise an appropriate solution for water treatment that meets regulatory and environmental demands.

Stenlakes Ltd Engineers are members of the National Water Hygiene Scheme, integrated to the Energy and Utility Skills Register, with identification through a National Water Hygiene ID, commonly known in the industry as “the Blue Card”

Stenlakes Ltd are approved operators under the Water Regulations Advisory Service (WRAS), which promotes and facilitates compliance with water supply regulations.

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