Design & Installation

Stenlakes Ltd offer large and small, bespoke and off the shelf solutions, designed and implemented to meet your specific needs. We call on our vast experience and extensive knowledge base to supply you with the products and service you require at our retail counter, or as part of a turnkey installation by our own experienced engineers.

We specialise in private water capture, filtration, storage and treatment to the point of consumption, with regular quantity and quality sampling and testing on demand, or to suit any frequency need. We work closely with dedicated hydrologists to ensure project feasibility for spring, well and bore water extraction before we proceed.

More examples for design and installation:

  • Borehole optimisation with minimum electrical draw, to achieve least possible oxidation being caused by over extraction.
  • Pressure boosting solutions, calculated for both mains and private water supply.
  • Innovative electricity free, gravity pumping systems harnessed by the utilisation of local geology.
  • State of the art computer assisted pumping systems, with dry run protection and anti water hammer features.
  • Complete Rainwater Harvesting Systems with mains or private water backup.
  • Storm and flood water prevention, attenuation and mitigation systems.
  • Wash down systems tailored to individual end user requirements and needs.
  • Oil trap and grease interceptors for industrial and commercial use.
  • Dirty water capture, pumping and irrigation systems
  • Sewage storage, treatment, pumping and discharge solutions for small residential through to large industrial systems, tailored to your individual needs.
  • Professional land drainage schemes tailored to site specifics, installed with a fleet of specialist equipment, for example chain trenchers and gravel carts for piped primary drainage, with or without stone backfill, and secondary mole drainage with or without gravel banding.
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