Civil Engineering & Groundworks

Stenlakes Ltd groundworks and civil engineering projects are widely known throughout the South West, and now further afield with growing demand for our specialist drilling services offered nationally. With strong foundations in agriculture, Stenlakes offer a number of civil engineering services to the agricultural sector, including design and construction of dirty water and slurry stores and systems for the management of all farm waste.

Stenlakes provide turnkey solutions for the design and installation of new utility lines, using precision laser levelling and GPS mapping for entire projects. We offer a multitude of installation techniques from open cut to trenchless, including chain trenching, vibratory mole ploughing, thrust moling and horizontal directional drilling. We also provide excavator mounted screening for backfill and bedding of utility trenches in rocky soils, without the need to import sand or remove excess spoil.

Stenlakes Ltd are NRSWA Street Works Section 50 approved and accredited contractors, offering open cut and trenchless installations as well as kerbing, road patching and private road construction. We offer concrete pouring services for foundations, roadways and highway base layers and construction of pre-formed concrete structures.

For road crossings we prefer to employ trenchless techniques, which enable the installation of ducts, pipes or cables, without disturbing the surface or integrity of the road.
We offer a wide range of solutions for most earth moving projects, such as lakes, lagoons, ponds, building site excavation and preliminary site preparation.

Stenlakes Ltd are South West Water approved installers for new mains water and sewer connections and piping and distribution networks, offering proven compliance with local water authorities.

Stenlakes can supply wastewater and treated effluent discharge systems, from treatment plant direct to stream release, reed-beds or soakaways. We offer main pumped and gravity sewer installations, or redirections suitable for private use or water authority adoption, together with turnkey wastewater and sewage engineering solutions on large industrial or small domestic scales, with a wide variety of pumping stations, septic tanks, cesspools, grease and oil interceptors and treatment plants supported by all major suppliers.

Stenlakes Ltd engage in large projects which include bulk shift and site excavation for the construction and lining of reservoirs, ponds, lakes and lagoons.

We offer drainage ditch excavation and cleaning, together with piped primary drainage and secondary drainage systems, installed using GPS and laser levelling to ensure long life effective drainage . We also offer an on site aerial mapping design service to account for factors such as soil type and topography. Primary drainage is installed by excavators or chain trencher with gravel cart for rapid backfill. Secondary mole drainage , using a mole plough, installs stone banding to surface if required.

We also offer flood and storm water attenuation and mitigation systems.

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