Clean Water Case Study

New Water Bore with Water Filtration, Treatment and Storage with Connection for Mains Water Backup, System Pressurisation and a new 3.6km Distribution Pipe Line for livestock drinking troughs and consistent supply to related farm properties

Stenlakes arranged for the drilling of a water bore before conducting quality and quantity testing, to enable the design of a system tailored to the client’s individual needs.

It was decided, based on the quality of the water source, that a large storage volume was to be provided, combined with iron and manganese treatment, UV sterilisation and a 5 micron particle filter. Two 5000ltr tanks where used to provide the necessary 10000ltr storage volume, taking into account height restrictions within the area for the storage location.

To ensure water supply is never lost to the farm or properties, a mains water back up was installed, observing all required standards, including an air gap to avoid contamination of the main.

The external part of the project and internal installation work were completed concurrently. This included laying 3.6 km of 32mm pipe, construction of trough pads , the placement of troughs and the connection of drinking troughs and properties to the line.

Various types of equipment were used to complete the installation quickly. These included vibratory mole ploughing, direct laying the bulk of the 3km line in 4days and thrust moleing, used to cross lanes, driveways and lawns and under hedges to reduce surface disturbance. Excavators where utilised to open trench and back fill on the steep ground and break out the areas of near surface hard rock. Backfill of these areas using our mobile trench screening bucket to save importing pipe bedding, further reduced costs for the client.





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