Pipes, Hoses and Fittings

We have a huge range of pipe, hose and fittings to connect and fully integrate many products from various manufacturers such as : Philmac, Plasson, Bauer, Perrot, Mega, Jubilee. Available from stock or order on demand.

For more information:

01566 773195 (Option 1) or enquiries@stenlakes.co.uk

Our Products

  • Layflat- from 3-18 bar pressure rating, 25-76mm OD/ 1-3inch OD
  • Suction hose- 0.65-6 bar, 19mm-152mm DN/ 3.4inch-6inch DN
  • Bauer and perrot fittings- full range available with large stock in store and any fitting available to order by request
  • Jubilee super clamps and pipe clips
  • 20-90mm MDPE pipe- black private supply or blue mains supply
  • Philmac and Plasson compression fittings: Extensive range available in store from 20-63mm: connectors, equal and unequal T’s, reduction kits and fittings, end caps and bungs, tank connectors , elbows 90-45 deg., stop taps, meter boxes and meters, modular adaptors, universal couplings and many more. Any fitting not on the shelf is available to order from a parts catalogue on demand.
  • Wide selection of PE80-PE100 pipe from 90-300mm available to order for high pressure pumping and ducting. Marked and coloured pipe available for various utilities.
  • PVC and ABS pipe and fittings
  • Pressure pipe repair clams, shut off saddles and under pressure T’s
  • Electro fusion and butt welding sockets, flanges and connectors
  • Tricoflex hose
  • Gates, Valves (ball, butterfly, penstock, etc) and Hydrants
  • Spigot and flange gaskets
  • Chamfer tools, pipe spanners and cutters
  • Camlocks- metal and plastic
  • Suction filters and strainers
  • Bush and reducing bush, plastic, PVC, brass and galvanised