Concrete Products

In stock or supply on demand, we have a huge range of products from various manufacturers .

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Our Products

  • Concrete drinking troughs :single, double, cubicle and masseeve 145lt-1880ltr capacity
  • Breeze blocks, thermolite blocks, engineering bricks
  • Concrete rings and biscuits: 900mm-4000mm DN
  • Circular and ovoid Concrete pipes, circular: 225-1800mm DN, Ovoid: 400x600mm, 600x900mm and 800x1200mm
  • Road kerbs: dropper, radius curved sections, drainage kerbs
  • Feed troughs
  • Bridge planks and abutments
  • Security barriers and free standing walls
  • Dirty water tanks and slurry stores
  • Grid slats and cubicles
  • Slurry channels
  • Stairs and landings
  • Cement bags