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Stenlakes Ltd

13th May 2017

Brand new kubota U55-4 added to the fleet to keep up with demand.
Off to work before it's livery could be fitted.

Stenlakes Ltd

24th April 2017

160mm slurry umbilical pipe line installed, electro-fusion joints with Bauer fittings attached at both ends.

160mm, 50mm and 32mm Pipes installed in one pass below highway and storm drains using our 11T HDD (Horizontal Directional Drill).

Stenlakes Ltd

30th March 2017

Working through the night to fusion weld 30m of 315mm SDR 17 ready to be installed tomorrow morning.

#buttFusion, #HDD, #HorizontalDirectionalDrilling

Stenlakes Ltd

16th March 2017

Works continuing well in the sun. Another 150m of 185mm heat main installed with the 202mm main ready to go.

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